Sep 17

Check Up From the Neck Up-101 Ways to Get Your Head in the Game of Life

Book-cover-Check-Up-from-the-Neck-Up“Stink, Stank, Stunk!” describes the Grinch, yet all too often these words reflect our thinking too. And how can it be otherwise as we are bombarded with negative news and under appreciated at work and at home? Yet, being stuck in the stink of life means that we are loosing the best of ourselves; our dreams, passions, goals. To live our best life now, we need to become unstuck; getting our head in the game of life. To do that, we need a steady diet of strong, positive and powerful stories; short yet heartfelt, easy to read yet moving. In this book find blueberries for your brain. You’ll get a check up from the neck up every time you open it and that is just what you need to have the life you want to live.

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