Sep 17

Gutsy – Go Until Time Stops You!

Book-Cover-GutsyLife is difficult,” is how renowned therapist and best selling author M. Scott Peck opened his popular series, The Road Less Traveled. No disrespect to Dr. Peck, but one doesn’t have to be a best selling author to understand that life is tough. In truth, we are all looking for the same thing–to be GUTSY. Don’t believe me, let’s define it, “gut, adj, gutsy, -ier, -est: arising from within, from the innermost parts of the soul. Immediate and powerful impact, relevance, courage, brilliance, passion, fighter, significance.” The problem is that in this ‘life is difficult’ world, it is easy to get derailed, pulled off the GUTSY track and into the daily grind of life. GUTSY will not only keep you focused and on track, it will remind you of just how special you are. Oregon State Director of Basketball operations, Coach John Saintignon said, “GUTSY is great, and I will use it over and over!”

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