Sep 17

Tailgate-101 Proven Stories to Begin Each Job Strong and Finish Safe!

Book-Cover-TailgateIn July, 2008, the tower industry was stunned by its seventh tragedy in as many months-this time a fatal fall in Florida. The National Association of Tower Erectors immediately called a ‘stand down.’ During a nation-wide conference call with over 320 of its members Don Doty, the Chairman, said, “Setting the tone of the day with a safety meeting will keep safety procedures fresh in everyone’s minds. We want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, and five minutes could make all the difference.” In other words-hold tailgates! Tailgates have been around forever, but how good are they? This innovative book provides proven tools to improve tailgates and safety meetings. Use these 101 Motivational Safety Stories to enhance a tailgate, safety meeting or training session. These stories can be shared before a tailgate session to open the minds of the participants

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