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What Safety Leaders Do – – The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas

Book-Cover-what-safety-leadersToday there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet, more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safety leadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While most of those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadership is not. Each team, work group, and company has a different culture, history, exposures and corporate structure which means there isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To be successful, each organization must customize their program to fit their unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ your company’s safety leadership program, you first need access to all of the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – – which is exactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas that are right for your group; putting proven methods to work for you – – to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204 pages.

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What Utility Safety Leaders Do 

— Tips, Tactics, Strategies and Insights for Leaders

What Utility Safety Leaders Do

What Utility Safety Leaders Do — — Tips, Tactics, Strategies and Insights for Leaders…
Because of the hazards and risks in the utility industry, and the life changing nature of utility incidents, the industry needs leadership like never before. Utilities are good at rules. We have rules for chocking truck tires, PPE, confined space entry, trenching and shoring and the list goes on and on.  But, since no two jobs are exactly the same, rules must always be interpreted, applied only to have conditions change and rules must be re-applied. To that end, safety leadership is the key to long term success…and safety leadership is NOT outlined in our safety manuals. This book provides innovative and tested leadership tips, tactics, strategies and ideas specifically for utilities. We need leaders, because “Nobody gets hurt today.”
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