Bucket List: Eliminate Shortcuts Today to Live Your Dreams Tomorrow

Begin Eliminating Shortcuts Today!

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Nearly every injury, incident and near miss is due to a shortcut. Cutting one little corner can literally cost you and your family your future…your bucket list. Before we can enjoy our bucket list (dreams) we must first take care of the immediate bucket list – – which is how we are going to work safe and eliminate short cuts!

This safety material, specially designed for the utility industry, but is applicable to all industries and employees who work in any safety sensitive environment, not only does it provide a clear picture of a short cut, it offers one simple solution for safe work.

Since it takes over 20 days of intense focus to change a habit, this is not simply a video that your crews will watch once and forget, instead, this is a safety awareness package designed for an entire month – – it saves you money and helps eliminate shortcuts!

This utility focused package includes:

  • A 30 minute kickoff video addressing shortcuts in the utility industry and poster
  • 3 Safety Activities for each Monday morning safety meeting
  • Safety Awareness Items ideas and template
  • Posters, a new theme for each week, (these come in three sizes and are downloadable, so you can print as many as you need)
  • ‘Just for Friday’ safety stories
  • Step by step Instructions, tips and hints

This is an unforgettable experience that will bring awareness to shortcuts, help eliminate shortcuts and SAVE YOUR COMPANY MONEY!

Price, $399  includes the DVD (which will be mailed to you) and the additional materials noted above (which will be available for download). In all, over four weeks of material for less than $100 per week!

Web Samples:

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