Cool Client Comments

A Sampling of Client Feedback from presentations, books and articles! 

“Matt has a unique ability to tie in real world examples to safety. He reminds me to remain engaged and appreciative of my employees.”
-MIRMA Annual Conference, 2011

“I really enjoyed the presentation you gave today. It was a positive and uplifting message, and brought the message that it is up to the individual to not only be safe, but to look out for others as well.”
-Jon Sudler -Turner Construction

“I just finished reading an article by you, in the August issue of Occupational Health & Safety, titled “ISMAs (Involved Safety Meeting Activities) and it was excellent!”
-Don Mersberger, Safety Coordinator, Johnsonville Sausage

“Keynote speaker was great!”
-Turner Construction Safety Day! (2/2006)

“Very energetic and fun! Everyone should attend his seminar, the best of the conference!”
-ASSE Leadership Conference, March 2006

“Matt was VERY funny and attention grabbing. I appreciated that he used everyday situations to enforce his message – – very motivating presentation.”
-MIRMA Annual Conference, 2011

“A home run! Here’s how to jump start your safety meetings. Inspiring, essential and a must for safety professionals.”
-Mark “Tenacious” Towers

“The Safety Soul; I can relate to that!”
-Anthony Carter, Regional Safety Representative, Tennessee Gas Pipeline

“You really hit a home run with the ‘rocks in the jar’ demonstration and you’ll be pleased to know it stayed on the podium the entire conference as a reminder to everyone of the great message you delivered. There was a tremendous amount of feedback during our debriefing session and several Operation’s Managers had “take aways” about the “abilities” and making sure the big rocks/safety rocks were put in first. A great success in my book!  Thanks again.”
-Cindy DePrater -Turner Construction Company

“This week I used part of your book in our Weekly Safety Meeting. Today, my team reviewed the information. They seemed very interested in the information – I think because the information gave them very specific words that painted a picture in their minds and they could see themselves doing the exact at risk behavior. I hope the other teams appreciate the information as much as my team did.”
-Mary McLaughlin -*Clorox Products Manufacturing Company

“Excellent keynote speaker.”
-Turner Construction Safety Day! (2/2006)

“Thanks Matt.  I’m mentoring 3 people in my own company that are not under my direct control.  Not only did your presentation give me some positive reinforcement as to my efforts, but, also helped me to better understand myself so that I can maximize the results of those efforts.”
-Charles J. Myers, CIH, CHMM; Director, Health and Safety Programs. (Informal Safety Leader, ASSE Leadership Conference, March 2006)

“Absolutely remarkable at engaging his audience and keeping it lively!”
-ASSE Leadership Conference, March 2006