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Book and DVD orders are processed and shipped from Matt’s e-store by using the links below.  You can find all of Matt’s book on Amazon by going to the books category and searching ‘forck’.  If you have special requests or would like a price quote for volume orders, please email Matt;


Matt’s Latest Book:

What Utility Safety Leaders Do:

Tips, Tactics, Strategies and Insights for Leaders

What Utility Safety Leaders Do — — Tips, Tactics, Strategies and Insights for Leaders… Because of the hazards and risks in the utility industry, and the life changing nature of utility incidents, the industry needs leadership like never before. Utilities are good at rules. We have rules for chocking truck tires, PPE, confined space entry, trenching and shoring and the list goes on and on.  But, since no two jobs are exactly the same, rules must always be interpreted, applied only to have conditions change and rules must be re-applied. To that end, safety leadership is the key to long term success…and safety leadership is NOT outlined in our safety manuals. This book provides innovative and tested leadership tips, tactics, strategies and ideas specifically for utilities. We need leaders, because “Nobody gets hurt today.” 

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Bucket List DVD:

Eliminate Shortcuts Today to Live Your Dreams Tomorrow

Bucket List Final

Bucket List: Eliminate Shortcuts Today to Live Your Dreams Tomorrow

Begin Eliminating Shortcuts Today!

Nearly every injury, incident and near miss in the utility industry, or any industry, is due to a shortcut. Cutting one little corner can literally cost you and your family your future…your bucket list. Before we can enjoy our bucket list (hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions) we must first take care of the immediate bucket list – – which is how we are going to work safe and eliminate short cuts!

This 30 minute video frames shortcuts in an easy to understand way plus one solution to eliminating shortcuts – in order to protect you and your bucket list.

This is a must have safety meeting video!

Only $49.99 per DVD, no limits!

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DVD's to Eliminate Shortcuts Today!

Books That Impact Your Life

Check Up From the Neck Up-101 Ways to Get Your Head in the Game of Life

Book-cover-Check-Up-from-the-Neck-Up“Stink, Stank, Stunk!” describes the Grinch, yet all too often these words reflect our thinking too. And how can it be otherwise as we are bombarded with negative news and under appreciated at work and at home? Yet, being stuck in the stink of life means that we are loosing the best of ourselves; our dreams, passions, goals. To live our best life now, we need to become unstuck; getting our head in the game of life. To do that, we need a steady diet of strong, positive and powerful stories; short yet heartfelt, easy to read yet moving. In this book find blueberries for your brain. You’ll get a check up from the neck up every time you open it and that is just what you need to have the life you want to live.

Price: $15.99
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Gutsy – Go Until Time Stops You!

Book-Cover-GutsyLife is difficult,” is how renowned therapist and best selling author M. Scott Peck opened his popular series, The Road Less Traveled. No disrespect to Dr. Peck, but one doesn’t have to be a best selling author to understand that life is tough. In truth, we are all looking for the same thing–to be GUTSY. Don’t believe me, let’s define it, “gut, adj, gutsy, -ier, -est: arising from within, from the innermost parts of the soul. Immediate and powerful impact, relevance, courage, brilliance, passion, fighter, significance.” The problem is that in this ‘life is difficult’ world, it is easy to get derailed, pulled off the GUTSY track and into the daily grind of life. GUTSY will not only keep you focused and on track, it will remind you of just how special you are. Oregon State Director of Basketball operations, Coach John Saintignon said, “GUTSY is great, and I will use it over and over!”

Price: $14.95
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Books That Impact Your Safety

Just Released!

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What Safety Leaders Do – – The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas

Book-Cover-what-safety-leadersToday there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet, more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safety leadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While most of those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadership is not. Each team, work group, and company has a different culture, history, exposures and corporate structure which means there isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To be successful, each organization must customize their program to fit their unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ your company’s safety leadership program, you first need access to all of the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – – which is exactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas that are right for your group; putting proven methods to work for you – – to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204 pages.

Price $19.95

New Release discounts: use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits!

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ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities—101Ways to Get Your People Involved!

book-cover-ISMALet’s be honest, attending a safety meeting is often like going to church…we are only there because we have to be! Add to that the fact that in a traditional sit and listen safety meeting, retention is as low as 10%; it makes us wonder why we even bother. But it doesn’t have to be like that! This simple yet transformative book holds two key secrets. First, learn how to take any safety rule or procedure and transform it from sit and listen to get up and do; increasing retention four fold in the process. Next, the book contains 101 motivational involved safety meeting activities that will change your safety meeting culture forever. “A home run!” says Mark Towers, “Here’s how to jump start your safety meetings. Inspiring, essential and a must for safety professionals.”

Price: $18.95
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The Total Safety Committee Checklist—A Step-by-Step Handbook for Safety Committee Success!

Book-cover-safety-committee-checklistDon’t you wish that safety committees came with instructions? After all, our committees are major investments in time and resources, yet they all too often fall short of expectations. Instructions, guidelines and tips for committees are scattered in procedures, sprinkled on the Internet, and scribbled on napkins…until now. The Total Safety Committee Checklist is your one-stop-shop for a month-by-month checklist of safety committee activities. Find both the basic ‘must do’ material for those committees that are just getting started, as well as extra credit items for highly effective committees. Safety committees finally have instructions!

Price: $16.95
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Tailgate-101 Proven Stories to Begin Each Job Strong and Finish Safe!

Book-Cover-TailgateIn July, 2008, the tower industry was stunned by its seventh tragedy in as many months-this time a fatal fall in Florida. The National Association of Tower Erectors immediately called a ‘stand down.’ During a nation-wide conference call with over 320 of its members Don Doty, the Chairman, said, “Setting the tone of the day with a safety meeting will keep safety procedures fresh in everyone’s minds. We want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, and five minutes could make all the difference.” In other words-hold tailgates! Tailgates have been around forever, but how good are they? This innovative book provides proven tools to improve tailgates and safety meetings. Use these 101 Motivational Safety Stories to enhance a tailgate, safety meeting or training session. These stories can be shared before a tailgate session to open the minds of the participants

Price: $18.98
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The Untapped Secret To Selling Safety -And 401½ Tangible Items Guaranteed To Help Make That Sale!

book-cover-untapped-secret-to-selling-safetyHow well do you sell safety? The truth is that we are at the mercy of our ability to sell, no matter how “tight” the presentation. Regardless of our education or the facts surrounding an issue, we are still in a position where we have to make the sale in order for a positive change to take place. And, the better we are at selling, the greater our results. The fact of the matter is that there are secrets to selling…even selling safety. One such previously untapped secret is revealed here and your safety results will never be the same! “Matt’s passion for safety continues to shine through as he drives to inspire us to be the best we can be” wrote Bill Dampf, safety professional with three decades of experience. “Through this latest effort, he provides us with hundreds of ways to promote safety awareness to our employees. Although keeping our workers safe is always a challenge, this simple approach to helping us sell safety can be a tool that all of us can use.”

Price: $11.95
5 to 10 books, use this discount code and save $2..00 per book, B9F5UNDN
10 or more books, use this discount code and save $3.00 per book, A69VTGVD
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Safety Audio Recordings (Audio CD and MP3 downloads):

‘The’ Everyday Secret for Results Everyday!

Everyday-SecretHow many of you are sick-and-tired of being appreciated by your boss? How many of you have co-workers who complain about being over-appreciated? Okay, let’s get real, how many have even heard what sounds remotely like a compliment in the last six months! Studies reveal that for every seven positive thoughts we have about another person we share just one. If we are going to lead our organizations to top-tier industry performance, we will have to understand the purpose and power of feedback and in so doing, find ‘The’ Everyday Secret for Results Everyday!

30 Minutes, $9.90.

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Safety Duct Tape – Sticky Safety Pieces Guaranteed to Hold Your Safety Culture Together!

Safety-Duct-TapeThere are a number of little factors that make for a strong and effective safety culture. We have leadership, belief systems, accountability and coaching, and feedback, just to name a few. In this fun, energetic, and enlightening audio CD, listen to live and studio recordings as Matt Forck, keynote speaker and trainer, offers tested and proven guidance to improve your safety culture—pieces guaranteed to make your organization even more effective!

72-minutes, $9.90.

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